Every time I stretch back my memory to my childhood, the furthest I can recall is being in class 2, so timid (if I do say so myself) but ever so curious! I was the little 8 year old girl who would terrorize  be quick to ask adults the most random questions! Just like any other 8 year old would, right? WRONG! I’d raise my hand in class to ask a question but nine times out of ten, my classmates would gasp – CHABAARI! Hahaha! Not that they were inappropriate, no they weren’t but they were so quirky that I wonder if that’s why my parents had me attending approximately 5 schools by the time I was only 10! I wore red socks to the last one, that’s all I recall.

Fast forward to a period of morbid bliss AKA being a teenager, everything and everyone made little to no sense to me. I felt like quite the adult! Like I could sit among “Njuri Ncheke” (Meru Council of Elders) and table well articulated opinions! Though quieter, curiosity was still at play. Little did I know, ADULTING was yet to come.

I have absolutely NO IDEA how I ‘skipped’ almost 10 years of my life to being a young 20 something year old WOMAN – I’m I the only one that found that word very weighty? Earlier, I preferred paddling around words like young lady and at ‘worst’, lady. Today, I’m always quick to call myself a GROWN WOMAN! Where did time go? I feel like I haven’t exactly mastered the art of living off of myself, being cut off my parents’ cord. Taking care of my own bills. Paying rent. Fuelling my car. Having it break down in the middle of the highway and calling the insurance company before dialling my father because, what is he supposed to do for a grown woman? Making gigantic life decisions etc… I’m still feeding my curiosity as I figure it all out and some days are better than others.

I have picked up habits, lessons and rewards along the journey of my 20s and whilst I plan to keep basking in this youth, I will share with you a few things that life has served me. Enjoy my 3 part YouTube video series and please let me know what you have learnt as well and whether or not you can relate to my lessons.

Until my next post, buckle up!


11 thoughts on “LESSONS IN MY TWENTIES

  1. Totally love the blog! Nice piece…well thought of indeed!
    Maybe to add on to the lessons, one that I have particularly come to learn is that “If its meant to be..be it a job, a business opportunity, a relationship…it will happen,maybe not immediately..but eventually…and if it doesn’t, dont be sad.” Shake it off, and onto the next one. You are still young…and still trying to figure it out. So dont judge yourself too harsh when you miss out on certain opportunities. I’m a firm believer that “Better is coming” when such happens.


  2. First and foremost, I am super proud of you for not letting your fears win and for finally starting this blog/vlog. Congratulations hun. My two cents on this… The 20s are all about finding yourself, failing a couple of times and learning that failing doesn’t necessarily make you a failure as long as you keep trying, you will eventually find yourself.


  3. Waooh!!!Lovely masterpiece video over there hun. Am amazed at how grown and creative liberal thinker you have become. So educative and inspirational.#If its not God ordained,its not gonna be God sustained#.Keep up gal.Keep nourishing our soul.


  4. Hi Wanja. Very lovely post!!! I can totally relate, other lessons that i’ve learned in my “late 20’s” are to do everything in moderation, being careful with any kind of addiction be it coffee or drugs and taking care of my mind, body and soul (long one to elaborate) mind- reading like you said, body- exercise and eating cleaner, soul- meditation, prayer…

    You’re a wonderful woman. Please share more


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