On My Marks…

If you grew up following a curriculum that included Physical Education, commonly referred to as ‘P.E’ like I did, then you’re no stranger to the phrase “On your marks… Set… GO” . In case you did not, let me bring you up to speed; the said phrase is synonymous to the current day act of kneeling and firing of a rifle or a shot-gun at the onset of every international track racing event. Oh, nostalgia! Good old days when I would compete in 1×4 and 4×4 relays. It’s such a pity that I can’t now bring myself to walk a few hundred metres without panting like a summer hound! I shall diligently start going to the gym and leading a healthier lifestyle.


I digress! Where was I going with this? It has been 1077 days of having this blog in hiding (AKA on its marks). Yes, a whooping 2 years, 11 months and 12 days of me waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect equipment, a more accommodating schedule because- grad school! Less online bullies and … procrastinating and being fearful of the unknown!


I’m an avid reader of blogs but this suddenly feels like such an unchartered territory being on the writing and not reading end for the first time ever! I’m so grateful to you that encouraged me in my pursuit. That sent me literature upon literature just to help me rub off those goose bumps. That gave me pep talks that it was time to share my writing with the world although the most you ever read of my work was probably my long WhatsApp messages laced with emotion that the other side of me writes – Did you know WhatsApp has a ‘Read More’ sign ? Ask the recipients of my thesis sized texts…hahaha!!! I’m sincerely thankful to each and everyone of you for the part you have played. Hugs!


Now, I’m definitely no pundit on any particular subject and therefore this blog will have bits and bobs of my thoughts on different subjects but will soon gravitate towards a niche we (yes, I’m keen on your thoughts, comments and POSITIVE criticism) settle on.


Until my next post, stay buckled up! ♥♥♥

On My Marks…SetGO!!!


59 thoughts on “On My Marks…

  1. Fashion sweety….. Fashion with a theme according to your unique style. Keeping it Afro/kenya centrist. You got perfect features for that…… (My two cents :)). But this is a brilliant start.


  2. Will definitely be camping by here pretty you certainly have what it takes..its on to your marks and you nailed it! GO! Girly 🙂


  3. So proud of this hunie. Keep getting ’em. As always your biggest cheer leader. I so love this. I’ll definitely subscribe 😍. Love!


  4. I wouldnt say Nice one,coz nice maybe alittle bit down.This is a big start.You have already done the “Go…” part of “On your Mark…” Now you are running.Great read….And as we say in swahili “endelea vivo hivyo” do so Girl.I shall be sneaking in every week to see what next will be up for the read.😉😉


  5. Looking forward to your next blog, this is a very interesting start. Well done, write on we will always be on the reading side for you.


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