Every time I stretch back my memory to my childhood, the furthest I can recall is being in class 2, so timid (if I do say so myself) but ever so curious! I was the little 8 year old girl who would terrorize  be quick to ask adults the most random questions! Just like any other 8 year old would, right? WRONG! I’d raise my hand in class to ask a question but nine times out of ten, my classmates would gasp – CHABAARI! Hahaha! Not that they were inappropriate, no they weren’t but they were so quirky that I wonder if that’s why my parents had me attending approximately 5 schools by the time I was only 10! I wore red socks to the last one, that’s all I recall.Read More »


On My Marks…

If you grew up following a curriculum that included Physical Education, commonly referred to as ‘P.E’ like I did, then you’re no stranger to the phrase “On your marks… Set… GO” . In case you did not, let me bring you up to speed; the said phrase is synonymous to the current day act of kneeling and firing of a rifle or a shot-gun at the onset of every international track racing event. Oh, nostalgia! Good old days when I would compete in 1×4 and 4×4 relays. It’s such a pity that I can’t now bring myself to walk a few hundred metres without panting like a summer hound! I shall diligently start going to the gym and leading a healthier lifestyle.


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